Project Methodology

CCRMS Services

Utilizing the power of a CRM system can dramatically impact the way you do business. While CRM systems right out of the box are useful, CRM systems optimized for your business are amazing! CCRMS partners offer comprehensive CRM solutions — a set of tools that communicate, record, measure, analyze and report — all to increase productivity and improve your bottom line.

CCRMS partners are professionals who understand that every organization is unique. Our job is to understand and support your project from planning and design through implementation, training and beyond. We work with you to evaluate your business goals and objectives and map your CRM system implementation strategy to meet your business needs.
Each CRM system implementation mandates its own unique approach. The steps below highlight components that more complex projects typically include.

Initial Meeting

We become acquainted, either by phone or in person. This is our opportunity to get a general understanding of your requirements and project budget, and your chance to get a sense of who we are. This first meeting usually takes about an hour and helps us decide if we’re a good fit to be working together – if it’s a go, we’ll move forward to the Needs Assessment stage. There is usually no charge for the initial meeting.

Needs Assessment

Our first priority is to understand your requirements. We meet with key representatives of each department who will be using the CRM system or who require reports based on the data that is gathered. Based upon this analysis, we develop a scope of work for your customized CRM solution.

System Survey

We help you review the technical specifications of your existing systems and recommend any upgrades or modifications necessary for a successful CRM implementation.


If you don’t already have the needed software for the project, we’ll order and install it.

Design & Review

Based on the scope of work, we design your custom solution components, create a plan for sharing data amongst remote users, develop document and report templates, and determine if third-party add-on products are appropriate for your solution. A prototype of your CRM system is presented for your comments and approval.


Often organizations must migrate and merge current data from existing systems. We’ll convert the data if necessary, and import the information into your new CRM system.


We install and configure your custom CRM system, and integrate any third party software.


Training is critical to the success of your CRM solution. To that end, we provide end-user and administrator training. Your training can be on-site or off-site, basic or comprehensive, depending on your needs. We can even train remotely via the Internet. Our goal is to make you as self-sufficient with as you desire. Of course, we’ll also remain available to assist in any way we can.

Technical Support

We provide ongoing technical support through a variety of support options and remain available to answer any and all of your questions.